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Sports Diver Course

Step up and Discover something new! Dive with your favorite style♪

To the Next Step from Beginner
Let's Learn Detailed Techniques More 

The world of the scuba diving is still spreading. Let's try Sports Diver Course!


What is "BSAC Sports Diver Course"?

2020/11/10 Tue

This course has the purpose of improving the knowledge and skills which elementary divers acquired so far through the inexperienced dives. There are many kinds of optional courses, such as night diving and dive deeper than 18m / 60ft. All divers are eager to experience these contents. Your activity are would be larger after you experienced these.


Price ¥44,000〜66,000(Might be changed by the date of schedule)
(Charge of Knowledge Development and Open Water Dives・Textbook fee)
※Charge of C card application and rental charge of diving equipment is NOT included.
  • Divers who have a certificate of Ocean Diver, Ocean Diver Plus, Senior Ocean Diver, Senior Ocean Diver Plus or the same levels of other organizations
  • 15 years old and up(Minors must need an approval of parents)

SeaFriend Sports Diver Course

Basically, training dives are conducted 5 times in total.
You would select to take 2 theme diving except essential diving, such as Deep Diving, Navigation 1 (Natural), Navigation 2 (Compass).

Essential Dives


Deep Diving


Navigation 1
(Natural:Diving with the underwater environment)


Navigation 2
(Compass:Diving with the compass)

*Navigation would NOT be conducted by solo.(Natural+Compass)

Option Theme Divings below

  • Boat Diving
  • Night Diving(after finished Navigation 1 & 2)
  • Seach and Recovery(after finished Navigation 1 & 2)
  • Fish Watching
  • Underwater Photography
  • Underwater VTR
  • Underwater Scooter
  • Dry Suits
  • Logosease
  • Nitrox

Available Option Theme Divings at SeaFriend

  • Boat Diving(Diving with a boat)
  • Underwater Photography(Diving with a camera)
  • Night Diving(Take place depending on water temperature, sea condition and number of participants )


Model Schedule of Sports Diver Course

2020/06/04 Thu

The schedule below is a basic example. This can be changed due to status of regular ships or sea condition.

Day 1
・Leave at 9:00 from Tomari port (by Marine Liner)
・Arrival / Check in
・Fill out the applications
・Choose the course
●Open Water  Dive
●Night Dive
(※If you chose.)
■Or Knowledge Development
Stay ★Tokashiki island
Day 2
●Open Water Dive
●Open Water Dive
■Knowledge Development
・Fill out the applications of C card
(Free Time)
Stay ★Tokashiki island
Day 3
・Leave at 10:00 from Tokashiki port (by Marine Liner)
・No problem to board  the plane

【Admitted Activity Area】
You can dive up to around 30 meters / 100 feet at the calm sea area which is qualified to dive in conditions as good as, or better than, the site where you trained with divers who has a certificate as well.

Most of major diving spots are over 20m/65ft around the world!


You learnt basic skills to dive up to 18m/60ft in the elementary license course. However, the ocean is deeper and deeper. For example, "Uminchu" that is one of the representative diving spot in Tokashiki and can be seen saddleback clownfish is over 20m/65ft. It is important to earn a license more than intermediate to dive deeper.


How to book・Preparation before taking this course

2020/06/04 Thu

①On the Phone
Please call us (+81)98-987-2836

②By E-mail
Please send us info@seafriend.jp

  • Name
  • Number of participants
  • Phone Number
  • Itinerary and Ship Info

※After your reservation completes, the instructor in charge will call you. It might be sent by E-mail if you don't have free time to call.

To join our Sports Diver Course

  • Please make sure to have a medical checkup before booking. For the safety, we might decline your join depending on your health condition.
    Medical Check Sheet(156KB)
  • Need a medical checkup before taking a course if you have a disease that would be an obstacle of scuba diving activityrespiratory disorders, circulatory disorders, ear or nose problems, epilepsy and diabetes.

For Divers who want to be a Professional of Scuba Diving.

2020/12/13 Sun

SeaFriend has a course of training professional divers.

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BSAC Course Price(Including Tax)
Skill Development Course CPR-AED ・Course Charge/¥33,000
・Manual Fee(CPR-AED 2017 CITIZEN ver.)/¥550
・Card Application Fee/¥4,400
First Aid ・Course Charge/¥33,000
・Manual Fee/¥2,200
・Card Application Fee/¥4,400
Deep Diving ・Course Charge/¥55,000
・Manual Fee/¥2,200
・Card Application Fee/¥4,400
Equipment Care ・Course Charge/¥33,000
・Manual Fee/¥2,200
・Card Application Fee/¥4,400
Navigation ・Course Charge/¥55,000
・Manual Fee/¥2,200
・Card Application Fee/¥4,400
Level Up Course Dive Leader(DL) ・Course Charge/¥88,000
・Manual Fee(Dive Leading)/¥3,300
・Card Application Fee/¥8,800
Pro Level Course Dive Director(DD) ・Course Charge/¥165,000
・Member Handbook/¥22,000
・Instructors Training Manual Fee/¥17,600
・BSAC Prompt Card/¥13,200