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Our Efforts for the Safety

Our Efforts to Prevent the Spread of Covid-19
About our Initiative with Safe and Secure

2020/11/16 Mon

【1】Basic Methods

  1. Check all staff's temperature before working
  2. Complete to sanitize hands frequently
  3. Wear a mask properly
  4. Install the spots of sanitizers in our facilities
  5. Inform our guests to wear a mask

【2】More Detailed Methods

(1)When entering the restaurant

  • We decline the enter of customers when they have a symptoms like cough, fever and headache.
  • We install the thermometer to check customer's temperature when they enter.
  • We conduct the entrance restriction not to be crowded in the restaurant much if necessary.
  • We ask customers to have the proper distance when they make a line.

(2)Guide to the seats

  • We make a large space between customers as far as possible through the arrangement.
  • We make a proper space not to be closed at counter seats.

(3)Table service and Counter service

  • We make a proper space standing the side of customers when recieving orders.
  • We sanitize tables and counters every time customers change.
  • We make a proper space between customers at the counter and our staffs.
  • We make sure not to stand in front of customers when recieving orders at the counter.
  • We make efforts to arrange the dishes on the small plate indivisually not on the big ones.
  • We stop installing the bins of spice and paper tissiue on the table not to share.
  • We always open at least 2 windows to change the air.


  • We utilize a cash tray not hands when the payment and sanitize it regularly.
  • We install acrylic boards between the casher and customers in order to prevent the spread.

(5)Hygiene management of our staff

  • We complete the management of health and hygiene of staffs who are in charge of food.
  • We check all staffs temperature before working. If they have any symptons like feeling bad, we report to our head about working immediately.
  • We strictly prohibit the staff who got infected to work.
  • We wash uniforms and clothes frequently.

(6)Hygiene management of our restaurant

  • We sanitize the whole restaurant at least 3 times a day.
  • We install the plastic covers on the dishes not to spread the virus. We ask customers to wear groves and also wash and sanitize tongs frequently.
  • We clean the kitchen with the detergent and complete the regular guideline of hygiene that we deal with as always.
  • We throw away the trash that might be with saliva to the trash bins after put in the plastic bags and seal completely.
  • We wash our hands with a soap and water definitely after taking off the mask and groves.
  • We ask customers to flush the water after closing the toilet lit.

That's all.

These contents above might be updated frequently. Thank you for your understanding.