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Tokashiki Kerama


Kerama Blue with corals is truly a paradise. Let's enjoy fully here divers around the world love!

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Let's dive with us.

2020/06/03 Wed

スタッフTokashiki island located 30km on the west from Naha is the biggest of Kerama islands. Here has the beautiful beach sea and beaches that make you awake.However, Local (Shimanchu) Spirits are filled here more than the blue. SeaFriend is in such Tokashiki, Kerama islands.

SeaFriend provides mainly Fun Diving, Scuba Diving for beginners, Supports of Snorkeling, and Courses to acquire licenses from primary to professional as an instructor. About 10 instructors from fresh to veteran belong to SeaFriend. Therefore, any diving from solo to groups are welcome! Also we have female instructors, please don't hesitate to ask your worries for women.

Our Staff

Diving Facilities

2020/11/05 Thu

Convenient to use widely! Washing & Drying space of the diving equipment

Currently, wash basins are NOT installed due to the protection from Covid-19. Please use the tap water (the water direct from the tap is clean enough).

Sanitize and kill germs and bacteria by hypochlorous acid water (HOCI)! "Safe n Secure"

Mild acidity of HOCI with strong sanitize power and high security

Deodorize effect cut the bad smell of wetsuits and etc.

The water can be reused as the rinse water after wash

All equipment in SeaFriend is cleaned and sanitized by HOCI.

Equipment of diving and snorkeling needs a secured hygiene management since many kinds of it are used by touching the skin and putting into the mouth directly. Therefore, at SeaFriend, we adopt the regulation of cleaning, sanitizing and killing bacteria by HOCI about all equipment for guests. Please utilize the equipment sanitized thoroughly with ease.


SeaFriend Diving Boats

2020/06/04 Thu

We keep our boats comfortable, clean and tidy.



  • Capacity 27 people
  • Installed Restroom and Shower
  • Equipped AED

SeaFriend Ⅰ号

SeaFriend I

  • Capacity 24 people
  • Installed Restroom and Shower
  • Equipped AED


SeaFriend Ⅴ

  • Capacity 25 people
  • Installed Restroom and Shower
  • Equipped AED



  • Capacity 25 people
  • Installed Restroom and Shower


SeaFriend Ⅲ

  • Capacity 13 people

Dive with Us and Stay in other Hotels♪

2020/12/27 Sun

SeaFriend accepts guests with only diving.

There are many great hotels in Tokashiki island. So it is available to join only diving with us, even though you stay in others. Also, we have a shuttle service for guests excepted Aharen area. Please feel free to join our diving or snorkeling tour.

Being wet is NOT allowed to get on the shuttle bus. Please make sure to prepare extra clothes.

Download Application Form

2020/06/04 Thu

Minors must need an approval of parents when they join Fun diving, Experience scuba diving and Snorkeling. Please bring the application (PDF) below after printing and filling out. If their parents join our activities together on the day, we ask them to write a signature at reception.