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About Stay

2020/06/06 Sat

Do you have Wi-fi in the room?

Yes, we have. You can use free Wi-fi at Pension, Log house and Minsyuku. Please check name and password of Wi-fi at reception. However, Minsyuku Annex does NOT have Wi-fi. Thank you for your understanding.

Is there any non-smoke room?

All guest rooms are prohibited to smoke due to prevention of second-hand smoke. Please smoke at the designated spots.

Is there a shuttle service to Tokashiki port?

Yes it is. This service is free for our guests. Please make sure to inform us when you book.

◇Outbound Route(Tokashiki port ~ Seafriend)
We are head to the port to pick you up. Please ask the staff holding the sign of SeaFrined next to the blue microbus.

◇Return Route(SeaFriend ~Tokashiki port)
Please wait at the front after you check-out by the designated time.

Is it available to use credit cards for payment?

Yes, it is. We accept Visa, Master Card, JCB and etc. However, payment might be failed depending on the reservation website or the way you book.

When should we pay?

Please pay at the reception when you check-out.

Is it possible to see the beach from guest rooms?

Unfortunately, it is not able to see the beach from your room. There is a windbreak between Aharen beach and village since lots of typhoon occur in Okinawa. Therefore, we can’t see the beach from the village.

Is there any cancellation charge in the case of act of god like typhoon?

We don’t claim the cancellation charge in the case of such bad weathers.

What time is the checking in and out?

Check-in starts at 14:00 and Check-out is by 10:00. We can keep your luggage at the reception if you arrive before 14:00. (※If the room is ready, you can check-in earlier for free.) Also, you can utilize our facilities, such as shower rooms and changing rooms in the day before check-in and after check-out.

Can we ask to keep our luggage after check-out?

Yes, you can. Please feel free to ask the front staff to keep your belongings.

Is it possible to do late check-out?

Yes, it is possible to extend to stay at your room till you departure unless there is a guest who will stay at the same room of you. Extra charge costs ¥3,300 per room.

Is it possible to stay or do scuba diving alone?

Yes, of course. Especially here, there are lots of people who visit here alone. Then they will make friends with other guests through the time together. Our hotel is what it is.

Is it okay to send luggage to SeaFriend in advance?

Yes, that is no problem. Please fill out the application with your itinerary, your name and address below.
〒901-3502  155 Aharen, Tokashiki-son, Shimajiri-gun, Okinawa
We keep your luggage till you arrive.

What are the amenities in the room?

All guest rooms has the amenities below.
◇Bath towel, Face towel, Tooth brush, Razer, Dryer
◇Shampoo, Conditioner, Body soap (These are ONLY in Pension and Log house 1F)

Is there a hair dryer in the room?

All guest room has it.

How many days before can we make a reservation?

You can book whenever you would like to within the duration we set the price.

Is there a washing machine?

Yes, there is. We install 2 full-auto washing machine at Pension 1F. They put detergent automatically and cost ¥200 each time.

About Day Trip / Ships

2020/06/06 Sat

We would like to join the day trip tour at Tokashiki island.

You can book our day trip tour through on the phone or on this SeaFriend official website. However you need to book the ship between Naha and Tokashiki by yourself.

Is it possible to change the return ship on the day?

It is possible if there is a vacancy. Please ask the front staff about the way to change the schedule of the ship.

How long does it take from Naha to Tokashiki island? And don't we get seasick?

35 minutes by Marine Liner Tokashiki, 70 minutes by Ferry Tokashiki. We recommend to take a medicine in advance against people who are worried about seasick.

Are there any lockers to keep valuables?

You can rent our locker by ¥300.

Can we rent a towel or a swimsuit?

You can rent a towel by ¥300. We also have rental suimsuits, but there are a limited number of them. Please prepare it by yourself if possible.

Are there any restaurant there?

Yes, there are. Especially, our restaurant opens between "11:00 ~ 14:00 (LO/13:30)" for lunch. Please feel free to utilize us without reservations. In addition, you can enjoy our meals at 2F terrace even if you are wet.

Is there any shades on the beach.

There are few shades on the beach, so we recommend the rental of beach parasols. Or it's better to have sunburn protections.

Is it available to book scuba diving or snorkeling there directly?

It is available to book here directly if there is a vacancy. However, booking in advance is a sure thing. Also, we have the capacity of participants, therefore we recommend to book in advance especially on top season.

About Scuba Diving

2020/06/06 Sat

Is it available to join the diving by solo?

Yes, it is. Many divers travel by theirself and SeaFriend also have lots of solo divers regardless of gender and age.

How many people dive together in a team?

At SeaFriend, we use our own 4 diving boats and divide guests into groups based on guests' level and request. The number ratio of each courses are below.

  1. Fun Diving / Up to 7 guests per an instructor
  2. Refresh Diving / Up to 4 guests per an instructor
  3. Experienced Scuba Diving / Up to 2 guests per an instructor

What will the diving schedule be like?

We decide the final schedule on the day before around 6 p.m. in order to arrange and adjust. And, it is available to dive 3 times a day, if it is the middle days of your stay.

Example 1) 1st Dive 9:00~10:30 2nd Dive 11:00~12:30 3rd Dive 15:00~16:30
Example 2) 1st Dive 9:00~10:30 2nd Dive 13:00~14:30 3rd Dive 15:00~16:30
Example 3) 1st Dive 11:00~12:30 2nd Dive 15:00~16:30(If you visit us by Marine Liner Tokashiki)
Example 4) 1st Dive 13:00~14:30 2nd Dive 15:00~16:30(If you visit us by Ferry Tokashiki)

What is SeaFriend Diving Style?

Boat Diving is our basic style with almost 100%. We usually come back to the port after each dives, and provide the time to take a rest on the ground. It is close to the diving points, thus this help divers who are not good at seasick or stamina. 

How should we have lunch?

You can have lunch between diving departures at restaurants since we come back to the port after each dives. Please feel free to taste our delicious meals without any reservations. If you stay with us, you can put your bill on your room. Available to pay your charge altogether when you check out.

Is there any drink on diving boats?

We stop the drink service on boats due to Covid-19. Please prepare drinks by yourself.

Is there a restroom on diving boats.

Yes, there is. But, it's better go to the restroom before departure.

What types of tank will we use?

10L of Aluminium tank, basically. Also, available to use a steal tank if you want.

Do you have a rental underwater camera?

We are sorry, but we don't have the rental of underwater camera.

What is the water temperature?

Please check out our scuba diving blog.(SeaFriend Diving Blog

Is it possible to dive on day trip?

It is possible to dive twice a day when you arrive Tokashiki island by "Marine Liner Tokashiki" at 9:00 from Naha, or "Ferry Tokashiki" at 10:00 from Naha.

Is it possible to dive when we take Marine Liner Tokashiki at 13:00 from Naha in summer season?

Yes, you can dive once. It is available to join the diving which departs at 15:00.

When will we dive if I book "Stay + Experienced Scuba Diving Plan"?

You will dive on the day you arrive when your ship arrives in the morning.

How deep will we dive as Experienced Scuba Diving?

You will dive around 5 meter and 20 ~ 30 minutes in the water.

Is it possible for fun diver and experienced scuba diver to board on the same boat?

Yes, it is. But fun diver needs to dive matching experienced scuba diving level. Depending on the sea condition on the day, diving points are 2 ~ 3 points.



2020/06/06 Sat

Can we buy like a souvenir at SeaFriend?

We have a shop at front. There are blue seal ice cream, snacks, orion beer and tuna jerky which is Tokashiki brand. Also, we sell our original T-shirt ¥2,500~.

Is there any convenience store near SeaFriend?

There is no famous convenience store in Tokashiki island. But there is "Aragaki Shoten Store" which is located at 3minutes from SeaFriend.

Is there any restaurant around SeaFriend?

Yes, there are some restaurants including ours. You can visit every shops and restaurants on foot in Aharen area since this area is a small hamlet.

Can we do fishing at Aharen?

You can enjoy fishing at Aharen port. Please visit "Aragaki Shoten Store" to buy feed and equipment.

We would like to go to Tokashiku beach. Do you have a shuttle service between SeaFriend and there?

We are sorry, but we don't have the service to Tokashiku beach. Please utilize a taxi or a rental car.