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Fun Diving

Let's dive into Kerama Blue everyone yearns for! We guide you to our proud ocean confidently.

Welcome to the Beautiful Underwater World
of Tokashiki Island

How is the Ocean at Tokashiki?

2020/06/03 Wed

Saori Nakazato <Scuba Diving Instructor>

田中沙織First of all, the water here is quite beautiful as my first impression. Lots of colorful fish is waiting for divers as soon as they dive into the underwater. I can feel kind of a gentle mind because of diving in such Kerama Blue. Divers have each purposes of diving, but here makes whoever have fun. Let's discover the happiness together!

Tetsuharu Uchida <Scuba Diving Instructor>

内田哲治Here has reasons why I determine to work at SeaFriend, nevertheless I've dived around the world. You can find the reason when you dive! You can have a great time with your each purpose from beginners to beterans. There are many variations of sandy soil, corals, topography, light & shadow, and also living things changed with Japanese four seasons in Tokashiki. The guide to take underwater pictures besides wide and macro is my thing. Everything is for a phrase "Had fun"!

Yusuke Takahashi <Scuba Diving Instructor>

高橋祐介The best thing of all, the ocean in Tokashiki is beautiful and clear as called "Kerama Blue". The crystal clear water makes you feel like it is not underwater but in the water! The ocean here never gets divers bored since the view changes differently every single day depending on the diving points. Let's dive into such an ocean together.

Gintaro Takeda <Scuba Diving Instructor>

武田銀太朗Here is really enjoyable year around with the clear water, lots types of atomosphere, sandy soil, topography, corals and the open ocean. In winter, whales as well! Please feel free to give us your requests.

Ryuji Suzuki <Scuba Diving Instructor>

鈴木龍司Kerama Blue has one of features that you can dive whatever you want, such as topography, sandy soil and shipwrecks. Of course, the water here is incredibly beautiful! Kerama Blue gives divers amazing impressions regardless of beginnners or veterans. Please don't miss the chance to dive here at least once. You will be into Tokashiki!

Kohei Nakamura <Scuba Diving Instructor>

中村航平Wherever the water in Okinawa looks beautiful and blue. But Kerama Blue in Tokashiki is really special beyond the others! Here has No.1 transparency in Okinawa.

What is SeaFriend Diving Style?

2020/12/05 Sat

SeaFriend Diving Style

  • Boat diving is our basic style. (Almost 100%)
  • It takes only 5 ~ 20 minutes to the diving point, also we go back to the port to take a rest after each diving.
    Thus, our diving style is less burden even for those who are not good at sea sick or stamina.
  • There are divers who often take an option diving as the 3rd one. Basically, we provide 2 dives a day.
  • Based on guests' request, our instructors guide you to the best diving points with styles (Anchoring/Drift) through the sea conditions of the day.
  • We guide you to Tokashiki specific points which is allowed to dive only for local diving shops.

Fun Diving Course Overview

2020/12/05 Sat
Time Commitment about 2 hours / 1 dive
(Including Tax)
  • 1 Dive ¥ 6,050 
  • 2 Dives ¥ 11,550 
  • 3 Dives ¥ 17,050 
Package Guide charge・Bording boats fee・Rental charge of tank and weight belt・Tax
NOT in package Rental charge of diving equipment(click here to check the price
Things to bring Diving equipment set・Swimsuit・Flip flops・C card+Log book・Health insurance(or its copy)
Entry Requirements Licensed divers with C card

To join our Fun Diving Course

  • Minors must need an approval of parents.
  • Need a medical checkup before taking a course if you have a disease.
    ※We might decline your join if you have a disease that would be an obstacle of scuba diving activity, such as respiratory disorders, circulatory disorders, ear or nose problems, epilepsy and diabetes.


Fun Diving Course Model Schedules

2020/06/04 Thu

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Time Stay Sample 1 Stay Sample 2 Day Trip
09:00 1st Dive 1st Dive Marine Liner Tokashiki
Tokashiki Port 09:35 Arrival
Ferry Tokashiki
Tokashiki Port 11:10 Arrival
11:00 2nd Dive Break Time
Lunch Time
1st Dive
13:00 Break Time
Lunch Time
2nd Dive 2nd Dive 1st Dive
15:00 3rd Dive
Optional Dive
3rd Dive
Optional Dive
Tokashiki Port 17:30 Departure
(In winter 17:00 Departure)
Tokashiki Port 16:00 Departure
(In winter 15:30 Departure) 
17:00 Review &  Check the log Review & Check the log
  • Schedules above are basic patterns.
  • Basically, it would be 2 dives on the day you arrive and leave at Tokashiki.
  • If you would like to dive 3 times a day, it must be the days you stay in Tokashiki.
  • It is available to join 2 dives after you arrive here by regularly scheduled ships (Marine Liner Tokashiki / Ferry Tokashiki), if you are scheduled to stay.

If the sea condition is excellent...

  • In the morning or from afternoon, you can dive twice continuously without returning back to the port!
  • You can spend all day on the water to dive with the lunch box!

Recommendation of Refresh Diving

2020/11/11 Wed

Highly recommended for divers with a blank of scuba diving! 

"I'd like to join scuba diving, but it's been a while...""I'm afraid of scuba diving since I'm bad at some skills..." Maybe some people think so, right? There is no problem. Here is the best suggestion "Refresh Diving Course" in order to have fun fully without any anxiety, even though it has been a long time to dive.

What is Refresh Diving?
It is clear from the name, this is a program to make a comeback as a diver to have fun under the water safely after refreshing the scuba diving's essential knowledge and skills.
Who should take Refresh Diving Course?
If you haven't had the diving for more than half a year, taking part of this course in order to confirm its knowledge and skills is the best ideal. In addition, this is recommended for divers who think their skills are poor even without a blank.

3 Important Rules from SeaFriend

Rule No.1
Scuba Diving by a Small Group

Maximum of a team is 4 guests per an instructor.

Rule No.2
Kindness and Courteousness

We teach how to set up the equipment and entry to the water with kind and courteous.

Rule No.3
Stress Free

We guide the diving course without any stress that matches guests' skill.

*Some divers with a blank choose the experience scuba diving. However, taking Refresh Diving Course is our recommendation, if you have a diving license!
Time Commitment about 2 hours / 1 dive
Price ¥8,800~9,900(Including Tax)
Package Lecture charge・Bording boats fee・Rental charge of tank and weight belt・Tax
NOT in package Rental charge of diving equipment(click here to check the price
How to book Please ask us "Refresh Diving Course" when you book.