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Boat Snorkeling

Strolling easily on the water's surface. Let's feel Kerama Blue♪

Available from 6 years old! Let's swim on the sea as you want.

2020/06/03 Wed

What is Snorkeling?

Snorkeling is to see underwater from its surface with some equipment, such as a diving mask, a snorkel and swim fins. It's available to join this course from 6 years old without any diving license. You are never going to sink because of wearing a life jacket or a wersuit to secure your buoyancy.

Snorkeling Styles

There are 2 main styles of snorkeling.

  • Beach Snorkeling(Entry from the beach)
  • Boat Snorkeling(Take a boat to the snorkeling point)
SeaFriend Snorkeling Style is Boat Snorkeling. We take guests to the point with the crystal clear water and lots of sea livings. Sea turtles may be seen as well...

Snorkeling Equipment


Mask & Snorkel


Swim Fins


Life Jacket
(or Wetsuit)

Boat Snorkeling Schedule(about 2 hours)

At Reception Fill out required information on the application form.
Equipment Adjusting Adjust the size of a life jacket, a mask, fins and so on.
Briefing Take a lecture how to use the equipment before leaving.
Departure Move to Aharen port by a truck. It takes 2 ~ 3 minutes.
To the Snorkeling Point Move to the snorkeling point by a boat.
Arrival to the Point Entry to the water after putting on the snorkeling equipment.
Snorkeling Tour Please have a good time in the beautiful water, Kerama Blue.
(Length of Time of Snorkeling is about 30 minutes
Back to the Port Go back to the reception by a boat and a truck.
Breaking up That's all for the snorkeling!


Price(about 2 hours / 1 time) ¥5,500~6,600(Including Tax)
Package Lecture charge・Boarding boats fee・Rental charge of snorkeling equipment・Tax
About Equipment ※In summer, a life jacket is worn. In winter, a wetsuit is worn instead.

To join our Snorkeling

  • Minors must need an approval of parents.
  • Need a medical checkup before taking a course if you have a disease.
    ※We might decline your join if you have a disease that would be an obstacle of scuba diving activity, such as respiratory disorders, circulatory disorders, ear or nose problems, epilepsy and diabetes.
  • Prohibited to drink alcohol strictly before the snorkeling.