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Elementary License Acquisition

Let's become a scuba diver at the beautiful ocean! We teach you with our motto.

This is the Year to be a Scuba Diver!
SeaFriend supports you with all our Best.


Now is the biggest chance to be a diver
when you think "Wanna dive..."!

Hello. I'm Takizawa and a scuba diving instructor at SeaFriend.
Tokashiki island, Kerama islands has the ocean with the clearer water in the world. Why don't you start to be a diver in this ocean as called Kerama Blue? Even though you can't swim, everything is alright since we support you fully. I was surprised how beautiful the ocean here is! Next will be YOU♡

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A Scuba Diving License that you can acquire in this course

2020/10/24 Sat

Elementary Course(Ocean Diver)


This course is for acquisition of the ability to adapt the underwater environment and use the equipment properly and safely with the purpose of acquisition of the knowledge and skills to enjoy the scuba diving. We set this course in order to learn about scuba diving with fun and no difficulty based on ages, stamina and physical abilities of the guest carefully.

Price of Elementary License Acquisition Course

¥38,500~66,000(Including Tax)

This course includes the charge below.

  1. Charge of Knowledge Development
  2. Charge of Confined Water Dives
  3. Charge of Open Water Dives
  4. Textbook fee
  5. Rental Charge of Scuba Diving Equipment Set
  6. Charge of utilizing our facilities
*Application fee of C card is NOT included. In addition, need to pay extra fee of staying (3 nights 4 days) if you would like to stay at SeaFriend.

Things to bring
  • Swimsuit(for women, a swimsuit like a bikini would be more comfotable when going to a restroom)
  • Filp flops(non-slip materials are better)
  • Writing materials(used when knowledge development and written test)
  • Health insurance card or its copy(Please bring it in case of feeling bad or injury)

Make a Scuba Diver Debut at the Ocean in Tokashiki!

2020/11/13 Fri

To be a scuba diver in Tokashiki
Pros No.1

Can take a diving course at Aharen beach that is known for the crystal clearer water

To be a scuba diver in Tokashiki
Pros No.2

Can enjoy Fun diving just on the day you become a diver

To be a scuba diver in Tokashiki
Pros No.3

Can feel comfortable since the sea here is warm and clear year around


Model Schedule of License Acquisition Course

2020/06/03 Wed

The schedule below is a basic example. This can be changed due to status of regular scheduled ships or sea condition.

Day 1
Morning ・Leave at 9:00 from Tomari port(by Marine Liner)
・Fill out required infomation on the application, etc.
Afternoon ・Confined Water Training
Night ■Knowledge Development 1
  Stay in Tokashiki
Day 2
Morning ●Open Water
Dive 1
●Open Water
Dive 2
Afternoon ●Open Water
Dive 3
■Knowledge Development 2
Night ■Knowledge Development 3
・Written Test
  Stay in Tokashiki
Day 3
Morning ●Open Water
Dive 4
Afternoon ★Option Diving
・Leave at 17:30 from Tokashiki port(by Marine Liner)
  Stay in
Tokashiki or Naha

Cカード  Earn the scuba diving license by 2 Nights 3 Days at the earliest!

Entry Requirements 15 years old and up(Over 10 years old is desirable for juniors. Over 60 years old is for senior. Minors must need an approval of parents.)
Admitted Activity Area You can dive up to 18 meters / 60 feet as a maximum depth in the day time at diving spots which is qualified to dive in conditions as good as, or better than, the site where you trained.

Welcome Solo Participants(80% is by solo)

"I'm interested, but taking part by solo is..." If you think so, Don't worry! We are welcome the applicants by solo. In fact, 80% of participants joined this course by solo at SeaFriend. The best part of scuba diving is making many friends through the common interest "Scuba Diving". You can meet people who are different from you like ages, jobs, places they come from and so on.

Small Group of maximum 3 guests per a class

"I'd love to join, but I'm not good at swimming and not confident about stamina..." if you think so, Don't worry! The license course at SeaFriend is organized by a small group. We support you slowly and fully with your pace not to be your burden. Moreover, female instructors are enrolled in SeaFriend. If female guests think "I'm afraid to take this course with male instructors...", Please feel free to ask us when you book.

How to book・Preparation before taking this course

2020/06/03 Wed

①From the Internet
Stay + License Acquisition Plan (3 Nights 4 Days) is highly recommended.
Stay charge of Pension & Course charge cost from ¥58,300~(can be changed by seasons)

②On the Phone
Please call us (+81)98-987-2836

③By E-mail
Please send us info@seafriend.jp

  • Name
  • Number of participants
  • Phone Number
  • Itinerary and Ship Info

※After your reservation completes, the instructor in charge will call you. It might be sent by E-mail if you don't have free time to call.

To join our Scuba Diving License Acquisition Course

  • In the case of minors, we send you an application form in advance. Need a signature as an agreement of parents.
    ※Entry Requirements are 15 years old and up(Junior is from over 10 years old) and healthy.
    ※60 years old and up would take a senior diver course in BSAC.
  • Please make sure to have a medical checkup before booking. For the safety, we might decline your join depending on your health condition.
    Medical Check Sheet(156KB)
  • Need a medical checkup before taking a course if you have a disease.
    ※We might decline your join if you have a disease that would be an obstacle of scuba diving activity, such as respiratory disorders, circulatory disorders, ear or nose problems, epilepsy and diabetes.
  • Prohibited to drink alcohol strictly before the scuba diving.
  • Please notice carefully that you can't dive on the day you would board on the airplane.

What is "C card"?

2020/06/03 Wed

Maybe some people think "What is C card?", even though they have heard the name.

In general, it is called "Scuba Diving License". But it is not kind of the license distinctly, it is a certificate. Internationally, it is common to call "Certification-Card". So we call it C card in Japan. This C card shows that you met the course requirements about the scuba diving with the general knowledge and skills (Guideline) at "the certain site" on "the specific season". Thus, this doesn't mean to guarantee the knowledge and skills in the future as of the day you earned the C card.

About Diving Guidance Organization

2020/06/03 Wed

There are some guidance organization which issue the scuba diving license. PADI instructors and BSAC instructors are belonging to SeaFriend. Each of them has different contents of giodeline, but there is neither superior nor inferior to each other. The essential knowledge and skills are the same. Since you will learn about the scuba diving from each instructors, there is no big gap between the organizations.

  • PADI(Professional Association of Diving Instructors)
    Established in the USA in 1966. 60% of divers belong to the biggest diving assosiation in the world with hall of fame.


  • BSAC(British Sub-Aqua Club)
    Started in London, the UK from 1953. BSAC has a deep connection with British royal family, and successive honorary presidents are from the royal family. The history and tradition establish the trust with divers around the world even now. In 2014, Prince William (HRH the Duke of Cambridge Prince William) was inaugurated as a new president of BSAC. This diving club is the world oldest with the proud of its tradition.


SeaFriend belongs to Diving I.T. Center of BSAC.