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Greatest Diving Service in Tokashiki Island

Scuba Diving・Accommodations・Restaurant・Rental Cars

40 minutes from Naha by the high-speed ship. Tokashiki island, Kerama islands, has the clearest water around the world. SeaFriend is the best choice when you visit this island. Stay, Fun Diving, Experience Scuba Diving, Snorkeling, Other Marine Sports, Rental Cars and Restaurant. Feel free to Leave everything to us about Tokashiki island. 

Company Profile

2020/06/07 Sun
Company Name SeaFriend, LLC.
Post Code 901-3502
155 Aharen, Tokashiki village, Shimajiri, Okinawa, Japan
Established 1984
Founding a Company 31st October 1989
Capital 5,000,000 JPY
Our Services
  • Management of Restaurant
  • Management of Accomodations
  • Sale and Rental of Diving Equipment, Marine Sports Goods and Amusement Items
  • Guidance of Marine Sports and Work of Underwater Guidance
  • Management of Pleasure Boat
  • Agriculture
  • Fishery and Aquaculture of Seafood
  • Rental of Cars and Boats
  • Sale of Food, Alcoholic Drinks and Soft Drinks
  • All Related Work Above
Employees 20 people
Board Members

Chairman:Hideyuki Oshiro

President:Hideto Oshiro

Executive Managing Director:Yasuhiro Tamaki

Executive Adviser:Ryoko Oshiro

 Associated Company Tokashiki, Inc. (Nagannu Island Tour)
Headquarters:156 Aharen, Tokashiki village, Okinawa, Japan
Naha Office:3-14-2 Tomari, Naha, Okinawa, Japan


About Us Based on Specified Commercial Transaction Law

2020/06/07 Sun
Name of Website SeaFriend
Seller SeaFriend, LLC.
Booking・Inquiry TEL:098-987-2836
E-mail info@seafriend.jp
Open Hours 08:00~20:00(Telephone Reception)
E-mail・FAX 24 Hours/ 365 Days
Close Date None
Official Website https://www.seafriend.jp
How to Book Through Application Form of Officail Website, On the Phone, Fax, E-mail, etc.
Payment Payment at Reception(Cash・Credit Cards・E-money・QR Code・etc.)
Deal with Personal Info We strictly manage personal information of guests. We don't provide it to third party, except there is a justification.
Cancellation Policy ●Please contact us on the Phone or by E-mail.
●Cancellation Charge
We claim customers to pay the cancellation charge below if they cancel according to their circumstances after completing the reservation.
・On the day of use (No contact)                100% of total charge
・On the day of use                                   80% of total charge
・On the day before                                  50% of total charge
※We don't claim the cancellation charge if guests cancel due to natural disasters.


Privacy Policy

2020/06/07 Sun

SeaFriend, LLC. (hereinafter SeaFriend) realize the proper deal with responsibility as a company and establish privacy management regime based on our code of ethics when we handle personal information of our staffs and guests needed for our operation.


  • No.1 We specify the range of purposes of utilizing personal information as small as possible and handle it appropriately to achieve the purposes.
  • No.2 We require personal information with proper ways along to the law.
  • No.3 We do not provide personal information to third party without the consent of the person.
  • No.4 We make maximum efforts to take proper actions for the safety management of prevention of leakage, lost and damage.
  • No.5 We make maximum efforts to keep the contents exact and up-dated as possible and be able to be involved properly with the people who provides us their personal information.
  • No.6 We obey the law about personal information protection and make our policy about personal information protection and keep it update.
  • No.7 We make maximum efforts to have the department of handling complaims and inquiries and deal problems properly.

Our company pay attention carefully to handle the management of our guests' (hereinafter user) personal information and respect their privacy.

SeaFriend, LLC.
President Hideto Oshiro

(Supplementary Provisions)
01/Apr/2020 Enactment & Enforcement

Personal information can identify the users through name, address, phone number, e-mail and other descriptions. Moreover, the information that can identify the user with other information easily as a result is also included in personal information.

The purpose of use of personal information on this website is following below. We never use it beyond the range of purpose without users' agreement.

  1. Personal authentication of this website's member registrant and various services provision for members
  2. Management of "Reservation Service" through on the internet or the phone and other works related to it
  3. Provision of information of users and booking, based on booking applications from users amoung (2) above
  4. Information distribution with e-mail service and various news to the users who agree with it separately

In addition, we possibly make statistical datas which cannot identify the person, based on personal information that we recieved. We are able to use the statistical date that cannot identify the person without any restrictions.

Items of personal information that is needed to conduct each our services in this website are written on the resistration screen as "Required item". If you do not fill out the items, you might not receive our each services, for instance you are not able to book us.

We do not provide users' personal information without their agreement basically. We provide it to third party when we specify third party and the contents what we provide with users' agreement. However, we are able to provide it in the range of law without their agreement when it is the cases below.

  • When we judged that the user gives third party disadvantage
  • When it is difficult to obtain the agreement of the user, especially, when we need the personal information in order to improve public hygiene or to promote healthy nurturing of children
  • When it is possibly an obstacle against the office work management through getting the agreement of the user, when the government, local public bodies or the person who received an entrust ask us to cooperate the office work in a law
  • When the disclosure of personal information is requested from the court, the public prosecutors office, the police, or authority with authority conforming thereto
  • When the user ask us to disclose or provide to third party expressly.
  • When it is allowed the disclosure or the provision based on the law.
  • When it provides the personal information involved with the management succession due to merger or other reasons, and it is handled in the range of purpose of use before the succession.

In following the cases, the indivisual or business operator receiving personal information  shall not be deemed a third party.
(1)Cases in which we entrust the handling of personal information in whole or in part within the scope necessary for the achievement of the purpose of utilization.(We owe the responsibility of handling personal information of third party.)
(2)Cases in which personal information is provided as a result of the succession of business in a merger or otherwise.

We may be outsourced a part of or all of business of personal information handling. Furthermore, we owe the responsibility of outsourcing about pers

In principle, only the user can claim us the disclosure, the revision or the suspension of use about personal information. The users who resister this website can view, change and delete anytime through the internet. Moreover, we accept these at our inquiry form for the users who dont't resister this website. However, we don't accept the request of disclosure when users or third parties may get disadvantages about their life, body, property or other rights/profits, when our proper implementation of service business of this website may be hinderd remarkably and when it breaks other laws. Futhermore, we don't accept the suspension of use, etc when we need to protect users' rights and profits, and also when it is difficult to suspend the personal information and stop providing to third party due to big amount of money or other reasons.

We strive to handle personal information that users provide accurately on this website, but users need to owe the responsibility of contents of thiers with accurated and updated.

This website does not acquire personal information including contents below in principle. However, when users provide information by theirselves do not include this restrictions
(1)Thought, Beliefs and Religion
(2)Race, People, Lineage, Permanent Address, Body, Mentally Handicap, Criminal Record or other Factors of Social Discrimination
(3)Workers' Right to Organize, Collective Bargaining or other Acts as a Group
(4)Participation in Group Demonstrations, Exercise of Right to Petition or other Exercises of Political Rights
(5)Insurance Medical or Sex Life

We strive to implement the proper security measures in order to prevent the lost, the misuse, the modification of personal information under our management. Personal information is stored under the safety environment that general users cannot access.

We identify the users through the information that can identify the person (Name, Address, Phone Number, DOB, E-mail Address, Menbership Number, etc.), when accepting disclosure, revision, delete or suspension of use of personal information. However, we do not owe the responsibility when people not the user get and use the personal information that can identify the user.

We may make a statistical data that we process not to identify the person based on the personal information we received. We can use it without any restrictions.

We use Cookie in order to protect users' privacy, improve convenience, delivery advertisement and acquire statical datas. Moreover, we may acquire the attribute information that cannnot be identified the person with age, sex, job, address, etc. (It is limited by only the information that people cannot identify the person even conbinating.), the terminal information, the action history of users on this website (URL users accessed, contents, reference order, etc.) and the location information based on users' agreement/application when using like smart phones by utilizing the technology of Cookie, Javascript, etc. We describe about Cookie at "About Use of Cookie" separately.

【Chief Privacy Officer】
Company:SeaFriend, LLC.
CPO:Mie Mizukoshi

【Person in Charge of English】
PCE:Yosuke Noda

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