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Discover Scuba Diving

Let's do an introductory scuba diving if you'd love to have more fun under the water!

Everyone is welcome! Discover Scuba Diving(^^)

2020/06/03 Wed

Impressive experience for you.

OCEAN.The world with lots of discoveries exists there. There are beautiful corals with colorful tropical fish and sea turtles swimming gracefully under the crystal clear water. Why don't you go see such a world of the ocean?

What is Experience Scuba Diving, anyway?

This is the course for people like「I don't have any licenses, but I'd love to enjoy the scuba diving!

SeaFriend Experience Scuba Diving

2020/11/14 Sat

It's safe even for beginners since our scuba diving style is by a small group!

At SeaFriend, we have the experience scuba diving by a small group as man to man with a guest or 2 guests per an instructor. Our instructors move supporting guests' balance under the water, thus please feel free to join this course with safe even for those who are not good at swimming. Let's enjoy the stroll in the water together♪

Price(about 2 hours / 1 dive) ¥10,450~13,200(Including Tax)
Package Lecture charge・Rental charge of tank and scuba diving equipment・Bording boats fee・Tax

Experience Scuba Diving Schedule(about 2 hours)

At Reception Fill out required infomation on the application form.
Equipment Adjusting Adjust the size of a wetsuit, a mask, fins and so on.
Briefing Take a lecture about cautionary points in the water and how to use the equipment before leaving.
Departure Move to Aharen port by a truck. It takes 2 ~ 3 minutes.
To the Diving Point Move to the point by our boat.
Arrival to the Point Entry to the water after putting on diving equipment.
Practice at the Water Surface Practice to continue breathing underwater grabbing a ladder.
Descending Dive deeper along a rope practicing ear cleaning.
Underwater Tour Please have a good time in the beautiful water, Kerama Blue.
(Water Depth 4~6 m)
Ascending Time commitment under the water is 20 ~ 30 minutes.
Back to the Port Go back to the reception by a boat and a truck.
Breaking up That's all for the experience scuba diving!

IMPOTANT NOTICE! You can NOT board the airplane on the day you dive for your safety.

It is suggested that divers should take 24 hours interval after scuba diving due to the possibility of the bad affects to their body (Decompression Sickness). For your information, there is no problem that you dive on the day you arrive.

To join our Experience Scuba Diving

  • Minors must need an approval of parents.
  • Need a medical checkup before taking a course if you have a disease.
    ※We might decline your join if you have a disease that would be an obstacle of scuba diving activity, such as respiratory disorders, circulatory disorders, ear or nose problems, epilepsy and diabetes.
  • Prohibited to drink alcohol strictly before the scuba diving.