open 8:00 〜 20:00

Marine Sports

Let's fully enjoy the beach. The way of playing at the shining water with corals is unlimited!

Love to Enjoy Aharen Beach!

There are special offers for our SeaFriend guests. Available to rent marine goods with a discount.


Marine Rental Goods Counter

The reception for marine goods is next to our restaurant. This is for the rental of beach items or marine activities.

  • Open Season 1/Apr ~ 31/Oct
  • Open Hours 09:00~16:00(Last Call)
シーカヤック※NOT allowed to join only by children.

Sea Kayak 1 Boat 1 Hour ~ (Available to extend the Time)

Let's head to Kerama Blue by kayaking! Spacious of the ocean is beyond description. The father you go, the clearer the water is steadily. You will see beautiful corals of the bottom of the sea clearly.
※ Life Jacket is included in time.


  • Standard charge / 1 hour  ¥2,000(After ¥1,000 / per hour)
  • Stay special offer / 1 hour ¥1,000(After ¥500 / per hour)

Price List:Beach Rental Goods

※Duration of the rental is from 1/Apr to 31/Oct (Summer Season) basically.

Menu Package Standard
special offer
シュノーケルセット Snorkel Set (4 Items)
3 Items Set (Mask/Fins/Snorkel) + Life Jacket
¥1,500 ¥1,000

Snorkel Set (Wetsuit)
3 Items Set + Wetsuit

¥2,200 ¥2,200
ライフジャケット Life Jacket (Single)
for Kids as well
¥500 ¥250
パラソル Parasol (Single) ¥1,000 ¥500

Beach Mat (Single)

can float on the water

¥1,000 ¥500
パラソルセット Parasol Set
1 Parasol + 1 Beach Mat
¥1,500 ¥750
デッキセット Deck Set
1 Parasol + 2 Deckchairs
¥3,000 ¥1,500
うきわ Water Donut (Big or Small) ¥500 ¥250
砂遊びセット Sand Play Set ¥500 ¥250
のぞきメガネ Aqua Scope ¥500 ¥250
ロッカー Locker (per Box)
unlimited to open and close
¥300 ¥150
マスク Mask (Single) ¥500 ¥500
シュノーケル Snorkel (Single) ¥500 ¥500
フィン Swim Fins (a Pair) ¥500 ¥500
ウェットスーツ Wetsuit
for Diving
¥1,200 ¥1,200
バスタオル Bath Towel ¥300 150円

Rental Wetsuit


Fabric Double-sided Jersey
Thickness 5mm
Type One Piece Dress(Ready-made Size)
  Height Weight Chest Waist Bottom
S 162cm/5.3ft 57kg/125lbs 88cm 70cm 88cm
M 168cm/5.5ft 62kg/136lbs 90cm 70cm 90cm
L 174cm/5.7ft 74kg/163lbs 94cm 78cm 95cm
LL 177cm/5.8ft 80kg/176lbs 100cm 83cm 97cm
3L 180cm/5.9ft 90kg/198lbs 105cm 95cm 101cm
4L 184cm/6.0ft 100kg/220lbs 110cm 100cm 106cm
  Height Weight Chest Waist Bottom
MS 153cm/5.0ft 48kg/105lbs 78cm 61cm 86cm
M 156cm/5.1ft 52kg/114lbs 82cm 62cm 87cm
ML 160cm/5.2ft 54kg/119lbs 84cm 65cm 91cm
L 166cm/5.4ft 58kg/127lbs 88cm 67cm 94cm
For juniors are also ready.
According to their height, it would be 100cm, 110cm, 120cm, 130cm, 140cm or 150cm sizes.