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Our Efforts for the Safety

Prevention and Measures against the spread of Covid-19
About our Initiative with Safe and Secure

2020/11/16 Mon

Basic Methods

  1. Check all staffs' temperature before working
  2. Complete to sanitize hands frequently
  3. Wear a mask properly
  4. Install the spots of sanitizers in our facilities
  5. Inform our guests to wear a mask

More Detailed Methods

【Check in and Application Form】

  • To bring the application form after printing and filling out in advance from our website is highly recommended in order to avoid the "Three Cs". In addition, please write your hand-written signature on it. Juniors make sure to need a signature of their parents.
  • All staff wears a mask at the reception. We kindly ask for your cooperation to wear a mask as well.

【Facility Use】

  • Please do NOT enter the storage of rental equipment in order to avoid the "Three C's". Our staffs pass the equipment to our guests.
  • Please make your belongings minimum to bring to the boat, since the changing room doesn't have much space to put yours (extra clothes, towel and so on). 
  • When taking the shower or changing clothes in the changing room, please do them with a time difference in order to avoid the "Three C's". If your room has a bathroom, please utilize it.
  • Please use the equipped toilet cleaner before and after you use in the bathroom (Western style room).

【Move from Reception to Aharen Port】

  • Please take a seat with the distance and wear a mask on the way.

【Scuba Diving and Service】

  • We stop the service of beverages on the boat for a while to prevent the spread of Covid-19. Please prepare your drinks by yourself.
  • Setting the equipment might be done on the ground or on the water depending on the number of participants.
  • There is a sanitizer in the boat. Please use it to sanitize your hands or the equipment (especially, regulator and mask).
  • Please take a seat with the distance and wear a mask while boarding on the boat.
  • Please make sure to use the anti-fog for  the diving mask, then please wash it by the water.
  • Our staffs wear masks when the briefing. We explain the course keeping the distance.
  • When you join the log meeting, please wear a mask. We do our best to exchange the air carefully, but if it is impossible, we give guests the data of the diving you did. Also, please feel free to ask the guide to sign their autograph if you need.

【Cleaning, Drying and Holding on of Diving Equipment】

  • Please return the rental equipment without washing on your last day. Our staffs wash, sanitize, dry and keep it.
  • When you wash your own equipment, please use the tap water with a time difference not to be close with other guests. (Underwater camera and Underwater video camera as well)
  • For divers who join the diving in a row, please hang up the washed-wetsuit to a hanger and hold up other items in the mesh bag.
  • Please put on the equipment at the place that the breeze flows well not to be close with others for the last day drying.

That' all

These contents above might be updated frequently. Thank you for your understanding.