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Our Efforts for the Safety

~To Utilize our Facilities safely for our Respectful Guests~

2020/12/03 Thu

We make maximum efforts leading to prevention from the infections in order to utilize our facilities safely for our guests.

Initiatives for the reinforcement of hygiene management inside our facilities

  • We often sanitize the points which our guests would touch, such as doorknobs and doors.
  • We explain to our guests that make sure to keep the proper distance with people in order to prevent "Three Cs" at public areas.
  • We make efforts to arrange the environment that is used by our guests safely, such as installing sanitizers at reception.
  • We ask our guests to keep the proper distance with others when they make a line at reception.
  • We wear masks in front of our guests to prevent from splashing.
  • We install plastic boards at reception counter.

For good health and safety of our guests

  • We check the temperature of our guests when check in.
  • We ask our guests to tell us when they feel bad or get a cold during their stay.
  • We ask our guests to wear a mask when they utilize our facilities.
  • We ask our guests to throw away their used masks into sealed plastic bags.

Breakfast at our restaurant

  • We wear masks and groves to keep the hygiene state.
  • We clean and sanitize the tables after our guests use.
  • We guide our guests to the table with the proper distance. Also, we offer the admission restriction depending on the situations.

Our efforts when cleaning

  • We clean rooms with masks and groves.
  • We open windows enough in the rooms and public spaces to refresh the air.
  • We do not enter rooms while our guests stay based on the perspective of the contact prevention.
  • We clean and sanitize the points (doorknobs and equipment) carefully that guests would touch.

Initiatives against our staffs

  • We ask our staffs to check their temperature and confirm that they do not cough or get a fever before working.
  • We are trying to keep being healthy through washing and sanitized hands and gargling constantly while working.
  • We make sure to keep the staff's space sanitized and clean. Moreover, we prevent the "Three Cs" at the backyard.

Requests to our respectful guests

  • For your safety, please wear a mask and often sanitize your hands while you stay.
  • When you feel sick or bad, please ask the reception staff immediately.